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#FanFriday RT @SandbenderCa I've had my @Logitech K480 BT #keyboard for about a month now.. and I gotta say I #loveit min 46 sec ago
@LaurenLee38103 Glad you were able to figure it out. For any future issues, just e-mail to avoid the fee.-1 hour 9 min ago
@ScrattleGG Sorry to hear that. If you beleive it's a defect, please contact our customer support team - hour 10 min ago
@UCFH Ha! Good thinking. We'll have to get some of that in the game.-1 hour 17 min ago
@jimmyliu Sorry to hear that! Please DM us with your e-mail and phone number and we'll escalate your case with support.-1 hour 17 min ago